The Story of Wollox

The idea of how her son, who had been away from school because of the illness, could work at home gave birth to Wollox. Here is the story of Alaattin Tamer Cengiz ...

-HOW STARTED? How was it started?

The creator of Wollox, Alaatin Tamer Cengiz, started to work in national education in 2005. That year, the world bank has connected 5,000 smart boards to schools. Mr. Cengiz is in charge of the coordination of the Istanbul region. At that time, he witnessed the difficulties of the teachers in using the smart board.

-HOW DEVELOPED? Prototype Process

Teachers are often able to use their own computers, but they have difficulty in understanding and using the embedded software within the smart board. Mr. Cengiz is a software engineer. In 2008 it makes a prototype optical mouse by combining pieces of wood and a small ball. In those years he contacted Johnny Lee, the creator of the Nintendo Wii. After his correspondence with Lee, he explores different technologies in human-computer interaction.

- WHERE STARTED? The idea of Wollox grows

In 2017, during the first period when his son Efe started school, he experienced a period when he could not go to school frequently due to illness. Wollox’s idea grows as Mr. Cengiz thinking about how to train her son at home. The device that will be the pioneer of Wollox is thus revealed. Mr. Cengiz develops a device with an optical sensor and interacts with the television at home. They work with Efe at that time by turning the television to the smart board.

- INCEPTION Wollox comes to life

In 2018, Gökhan Baykal participates as a partner and investor in the Wollox project. Wollox is selected from 5300 projects to Turkcell's beehive funding platform and Wollox is launched.

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